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Triple Threat

A sampler trio of Ninjitsu, Wushu, and Kendo goodness all on one dog

Death Punch

For those dangerous few who desire some Ninjitsu, Wushu, and Kendo goodness in each and every bite.

Nunchuk Style

Two all-beef frankfurters in one dog. Because duh.

The Buddha

Our spin on the classic Arnold Palmer - half Tranquilitea, half Serenitea. Otherwise known as enlightenment in a cup.

"Heavy Hand"

Order any Dojo Dog "with a heavy hand" and we will load your dog to the brim with our delicious toppings and sauces.

Hot off the grill

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Hot dogs with an asian kick

What do you get when you combine the classic American hot dog with the unique flavors of Asia? Dojo Dog!! Don't settle for the ordinary. Add a kick to your day with Dojo Dog. Try our fusion of natural all-beef hot dogs with the finest Asian-inspired ingredients. Taste the premium 100% beef frankfurter and fresh French hoagie roll from top quality local suppliers in the Bay Area.

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